OA Dr. Alexis Freitas, F.E.B.S.
European surgeon for coloproctology Attending Physician in the Wiener Privatklinik
Senior Physician at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital
Profilfoto Dr. Alexis Freitas

Incisional Hernia

What are the symptoms of incisional hernia? Incisional hernias cause pain during physical exertion and when lifting often even light loads, as well as causing disturbing protrusions of the abdominal wall. As a complication, this can lead to the life-threatening strangulation of intestinal components.

How is a an incisional hernia detected?  An incisional hernia can be diagnosed by clinical examination, ultrasound and computed tomography.

Should an incisional hernia be operated on? In most cases it is necessary to operate on an incisional hernia to avoid dangerous complications.

How is an incisional hernia operated on? For patients with incisional hernias, a mesh is applied for safe recovery of the abdominal wall. This operation is performed by me, depending on the respective findings, either using the laparoscopic (IPOM) or conventional (sublays) method.

What should be considered after the surgery? It is important to avoid lifting over 5kg and to wear the abdominal girdle most of the time for 4-6 weeks after surgery.