OA Dr. Alexis Freitas, F.E.B.S.
European surgeon for coloproctology Attending Physician in the Wiener Privatklinik
Senior Physician at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital
Profilfoto Dr. Alexis Freitas

Viral disease in the anal area, condyloma

What symptoms are caused by condyloma? Condyloma is often confused with enlarged haemorrhoids because it also causes itching, burning sensation, oozing and pain.

How are condylomas detected? Condylomas are diagnosed by a proctological examination. Further clarification is done by histological examination and immunotyping.

Do condylomas have to be operated on? Condylomas always need to be treated and properly removed to ultimately prevent the development of cancer in the anal region. Depending on the extent and local findings, operative therapy measures and medications, including immunomodulation, are available.

Partners must always also be examined proctologically.