OA Dr. Alexis Freitas, F.E.B.S.
European surgeon for coloproctology Attending Physician in the Wiener Privatklinik
Senior Physician at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital
Profilfoto Dr. Alexis Freitas

Tumours of the Intestine and Rectum

How are benign tumours, polyps, removed? Benign tumours can often be removed as part of a colonoscopy or gastroscopy (endoscopically) or directly through the anal canal (transanal).

How is a malignant tumour, cancer (carcinoma) removed? In most cases, surgery is performed using buttonhole technique (minimally invasive by laparoscopy).

How long does a colon cancer surgery take? I need 1.5-2.5 hours for a laparoscopic colon cancer operation. The operation often entails just a single incision 3-5cm long in the area of the scar of the navel. Therefore, this scar is often almost invisible. Sometimes 2-3 more small incisions are needed.

What is to be expected after the operation? Taking painkillers, you will have almost no postoperative pain. You are allowed to go home on the fifth to the seventh day after the operation. You will have 1-4, maximum 5mm-5cm long scars. You must not lift anything heavier than 5kg for 4 weeks after surgery.