OA Dr. Alexis Freitas, F.E.B.S.
European surgeon for coloproctology Attending Physician in the Wiener Privatklinik
Senior Physician at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital
Profilfoto Dr. Alexis Freitas

Diverticular disease, Diverticulosis

What are intestinal diverticula? Intestinal diverticula are protuberances of the intestinal wall.

Which symptoms are caused by diverticula in the intestine? In most cases, you do not notice diverticula in the gut. However, if they become inflamed, they cause pain and, in the worst case, a diverticulum perforation can occur. This is a hole in the gut.

Do intestinal diverticula have to be operated on? No, diverticula do not need surgery. Depending on the severity, however, it may be necessary to dispense with certain foods. If it comes to inflammation of the intestinal diverticula (diverticulitis), this can usually be treated conservatively. Recurrent intestinal diverticulitis or the aforementioned diverticulum perforation may require surgery.

How is the surgery performed? In surgery, I remove the section of intestine that is changed by the diverticula. I perform the surgery mostly by abdominal endoscopy and buttonhole technique (laparoscopy). Depending on the respective findings, the surgery is also possible via a single access (SILS, single incision laparoscopic surgery) and usually also without artificial exit (stoma).