OA Dr. Alexis Freitas, F.E.B.S.
European surgeon for coloproctology Attending Physician in the Wiener Privatklinik
Senior Physician at Göttlicher Heiland Hospital
Profilfoto Dr. Alexis Freitas

Colon Prolapse, Rectal Prolapse

What are the symptoms of a rectal prolapse? A colon prolapse or rectal prolapse causes enormous suffering for the patient. During exercise or defecation, intestinal mucosa exit the anal opening, causing oozing and pain.

How is a colon prolapse detected? A rectal prolapse is diagnosed by proctological examination.

Must a rectal prolapse be operated on? Yes.

How is a rectal prolapse operated on? A rectal prolapse can be surgically repaired through abdominal surgery (laparoscopic rectopexy) or through the anal canal (Delorme, Altemeier).